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Treating your pets like our pets

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Animal Hospital
with all kind of services   

Veterinary Surgery conveniently located in Sheung Wan / Sai Ying Pun - Po Yan Street

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Our Doctors
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Paws & Tails

Veterinary hospital 

Our vet clinic  is dedicated to providing the best veterinary medical services and is trusted and recommended by many loyal pet owners.


Our vets have over 10 years experience and here to cater to all of your pet needs 

We have all kinds of advanced equipment to ensure anaesthetic safety and surgical successful rate

Detailed heart and abdominal ultrasound scanning


Daily Emergency service 


Hospitalisation and medical care

You can call or Whatsapp us anytime with questions


Private Cat Area

Coming to the vets can easily make your pets anxious, this is why we created a separate cat and dog waiting / consultation area.

This way when you arrive and waiting for your appointment your cat won't get scared by dogs who are also waiting for their appointment.

Even more important if your cat needs to stay with us in the hospital overnight, the cat hospital is completely separate so they wont hear any dogs barking.


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