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About Our Veterinary Hospital

Paws and Tails Veterinary Hospital opened February 2022 in Hong Kong. We offer a wide range of specialist veterinary services. All of our equipment utilizes advanced technology; with better diagnostic quality in order to ensure the best care for your pet, because we care about your pets as much as you do.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 09:00-19:00

Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

Closed on Public Holiday

*Closed during lunch hour 13:00 - 14:00*

Our Clinic

Our Team

Our Team


Dr Ryan Chuang
Senior Veterinary Surgeon 

Dr Ryan Chuang graduated from The National Taiwan University with a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. After working in Taipei and receiving residency training at National Taiwan University, he moved to Hong Kong to work in 2013🇭🇰


🐶While working at the Causeway Bay Animal Hospital for the first six years in Hong Kong, he was fortunate to gain practical and valuable knowledge from Dr Frank de Groot, a very experienced South African veterinarian👍


🐱After working at Pets Central in North Point for a year and a half, he was well recognized and supported by many customers, and there were a large number of loyal patients.


😸He later worked as an Ultrasonographer at Easonagraphy, a mobile ultrasound company in Hong Kong, providing comprehensive ultrasound services for different clinics across the city. He scanned more than 200 animals per month, providing accurate and rapid ultrasound diagnostic services for major clinics and animals, he became a trusted partner to many clinics.


🔔Dr Ryan found that many cases in Hong Kong often require different referrals meaning animals and owners would need to travel to many other clinics. When animals receive partial treatment, they miss the opportunity to treat other problems, which leads to further more serious problems. In order to provide comprehensive and correct medical treatment, Dr Ryan continues to improve all aspects of medical knowledge to ensure that all animals receive correct and appropriate treatment. Following the long-term active training and studying, coupled with his desire to perfect, he is very experienced in dealing with various diseases of different disciplines, and has successfully treated many complex and difficult medical and surgical cases.


💪In addition to his extensive treatment experience, Dr Ryan is extremely patient and attentive, which makes both the owner and the animal feel at ease during the consultation and treatment process😻Owners who need assistance are welcome to call to make an appointment.


Dr Ian Wu
Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Ian Wu comes from Taiwan. After receiving the degree of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine of National Taiwan University in 2012, he had worked in several different animal hospitals in Taipei to accumulate rich clinical experience in dogs and cats. In 2018, he obtained the Hong Kong veterinary practicing license and began to provide medical services for dogs and cats since after.


During his working experience in Taipei, Dr. Ian received residency training in a well-known 24-hour emergency referral hospital. He has dealt with a large number of critical and complicated cases. In order to improve his clinical strength and knowledge, he continued to use his day off and holidays to complete multiple advanced courses, including internal medicine/emergency/oncology/neurology/ultrasound, etc. In addition, Dr. Ian often participate in various annual veterinary conferences overseas to keep up the latest veterinary medical knowledge so he can help more sick animals to get better.


Dr. Ian has his own cat who is suffering from chronic kidney disease. Being a cat owner and professional veterinarian, he understand how pets owner feel and does his best to help all the animals.


In his spare time outside of work, Dr. Ian likes to travel around the world, enjoying the impact of different cultures and natural beauty.

Dr Ryan Chuang
Dr Ian Wu
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